June 2022 Newsletter

Worthy Sirs, I hope this Newsletter finds you well. Our tenth Assembly meeting of the Fraternal year 2021-2022 was held on May 16th at my home/shop.

Our scheduled District Color Training Session on May 5th at St. Richards was poorly attended. Hopefully our next District CC training, which is not scheduled at this time, will be better attended. Thanks to Worthy Faithful Navigator Dave Fisher for arranging a meeting place.

The Slate of Officers selected at our April Assembly meeting was voted on at the May Assembly meeting and all selected were accepted. Thank all who stepped up to serve.

Our Flagpole Relocation Project at the Clinton Cemetery Association was completed on May 6th and a new American flag, rope, and clips, purchased by the Assembly, were installed on May20th. Special thanks to Tommy McCraw, Max Beluso, Chris Halliwell, Jim McCraw, Bill O’Connor, and Charlie Collins who work hard to complete this project in a timely fashion.

On May 14th the Knights of Columbus provided an Honor Guard for the Ordination of Father Andrew Bowden at the Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle. Assembly 554 provided three members.

Assembly 554 provided an Honor Guard for Art Richardson’s Visitation and Funeral Mass at Holy Savior on May 27th. Thanks to Color Corps members District Master Craig Harrell, Former District Master Bill O’Connor, District Marshal Steve Miller, Color Corps Commander Allen Scott, Sir Knight Chris Halliwell, and Sir Knight Ethan McCombs.

On May 28 Assembly 554 members participated in a Memorial Day Observance Ceremony at the Clinton Cemetery. The Assembly Color Corps Presented Colors, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited, Sir Knight David Canizaro sang the Nation Anthem, and Past State Deputy Jim McCraw spoke about the meaning of Memorial Day and the sacrifices made by American service personnel who paid the ultimate price. At the conclusion of the ceremony Assembly members and women from the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution placed 260 American flags at veteran graves at the Clinton Cemetery and the Cedar Grove Cemetery. Thanks to Jim McCraw, David Canizaro, Craig Harrell, Bill O’Connor(Carolynn), Allen Scott, Chris Halliwell, Chuck Weis, Tommy McCraw, Jim Sharp, Franz Barnes, Lloyd Everhardt, Charlie Collins, and Arnie Senger who came out and participated.

On June 11th our last 4th Degree Patriotic Exemplification of the 2021-2022 Fraternal year will take place at St. Richards. As of now we have three Brothers, (Neal Lehan from Holy Savior, Dan Duncan & Brent Duncan from St. John) who will join Assembly 554. Members please consider coming out, lending a hand, and showing support for these candidates. If you plan to stay for the banquet, please contact District Master Craig Harrell to make payment soon.

Our annual Knights of Columbus / Catholic Family Night out at Trustmark Park is Thursday evening June 16th. The Assembly Color Corps will Present Colors and a local priest will throw out the first pitch at 6:35pm. The MS Braves will be hosting the Birmingham Barons. The Assembly has invited about thirty veterans from the Jackson Veterans Home
to the game, and we will need a lot of help getting them seated and monitoring them. Please consider giving some of your time to the veterans who served our country. If you can help, please contact Bill O’Connor. For ticket purchases for you, your family, and your friends please contact Chris Halliwell or Eric Zmitrovich.

We will be picking up the American flags at the Clinton Cemeteries on Friday June17th. If you are free, please consider coming out and lending a hand.

Our next Assembly meeting, the eleventh and final meeting of the 2021-2022 Fraternal Year, will be Monday June 20th at St. Peters.

That’s all for now, be safe, and as always thanks for all you do.

Vivat Jesus!
Steve Miller, FN