We are the Knights of Columbus Bishop Gerow Assembly #554. We are a group of 4th degree Sir Knights representing several councils local to the Jackson, MS area.

The Councils that we represent:

Cathedral of St Peter the Apostle Council – Council #848
Holy Savior – Council #7854
St. Terese – Council #8285
St. John of Crystal Springs – Council #17364

Officer List for 2021/22

Faithful Navigator – Steve M Miller
Faithful Comptroller – Chris Halliwell
Faithful Captain – Bill O’Connor
Faithful Admiral – Jim McCraw
Faithful Purser – Joe Parsons
Faithful Pilot – Mike Kirby
Faithful Scribe – Dalton Frederick
Inner Sentinel – Max Beluso
Outer Sentinel – Scott Waller
One Year Trustee – Bill Addie
Two Year Trustee – Joe Blake
Three Year Trustee – Eric Zmitrovich
Color Corps Commander – Allen Scott